Thanks a lot, speaker-election, for the time and patience.

I certainly know how it feels to want something that seems natural to me and not get people to understand it –– Long story…, so you have my full attention.

I have minimal experience with apparel besides knowing how to get what I need from my sewing machine, like doing special-sized paddings for camera cases.

You are undoubtedly aware of specialized cloth applications, and if you use one of those, I will try to look into it.

If one of the problems is flipping the axis, perhaps explore what import format works for you and check if it can adjust axis data during import.
VStitcher has FBX, which has during-import options to see the axis to a certain degree.
FBX import option:
Screen Shot 2023-08-12 at 10.42.12 PM.png

The Rotation of an axis is effortless anyway; press the L key once and rotate the object axis; after you start rotating, push the Shift key to get clean steps, as you like to have a rotation for this in 90º, I assume. Press the L key again to get out of the Axis Modification mode.
As mentioned above, you can see the Work-plane to your needs. To not see the Workplane each time, call up a new scene and set the Work Plane as needed. Then Windows> Customization> Set As Default Scene. Every new Scene should now have the Work Plane as wanted.

Besides when you have any suggestions, please submit them here:
"Share Your Idea!" please detail what and why you need it and which application needs to be connected. Typically there is an open door here at Maxon to other companies and applications.

The more I understand what you need, the more I can place a feature request in the database. I'm happy to do that.