Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for the file and for using Google.

I can export it without a crash and import it without a crash.

The material export import is a different theme altogether.

I'm not aware that FBX has any handling on the Cinema 4D native Blend-Shader. Baking this before might be a good idea. At the same time, I get not tired of saying that AO is an outdated thing and should not be multiplied. If you must have that effect, typically already included in GI, use the AO as a mask for color adjustments. AO is a geometry effect, and no light source will change that. Hence, the effect looks fake. With the Color adjustment method, one can at least get the fill light's color established, typically during the day outside cold and in the evening or inside warmer. Or, like in a dense forest, it would be greener with all the thinkable varieties.

To my knowledge, no system on the market allows for a universal exchange of materials among all the DCCs and their options to convert materials to their native idea about it.

The best way is to ensure all textures and UV data are included and the receiving app provides its optimized material for the rendering if needed, manually set up. This is not a Cinema 4D limitation. The industry has been looking for a long time to establish a universal format. Perhaps we will get one—one day.

Enjoy your weekend