Hi reading-card,

Let me add one suggestion; perhaps it will lead to some ideas on your side.

Here, I first create a Loft with some splines. The Edge Tag is already set up with the Splines that shape it.
Those Spline will work as Fields for the one extra step.
Object Manager> Object> Current State To Object
This automatically gets the specific Edge Tag with the Splines, and a double click on the tag will select the edges close to it.

Here is a screen capture, 20 seconds.
The file
The Subdivision might be better done during render time.

So, why not use the Splines from the Loft in the first place? Perhaps it is easier to get a single object instead of all splines used in the Loft, and it is easier to switch them on or off in the Field of the Edge Tag.

More as a brainstorming contribution:
Screen Shot 2024-02-23 at 10.30.42 PM.jpg