Hi track-university,

Thanks for telling me about your scene.

It is great that this option works for you; I would not have suggested it. Why? I had no Project file here (missing the information you set up), and it would have confused you if you used the newer node system.

Also, because that is only one option in the Xpresso Style Nodes Menu, the new Cinema 4D style Nodes misses that entry completely, for a good reason.

As the manual states, the XPresso style Nodes are not considered developed in the future.

If the materials preview is of no big concern to you, please explore the Preferences for Redshift.

Here, mainly for this question, are the Material Preview options. (Prefernces> Redshift> Userinterface> Material Previews.)

Two of the three options should also allow to work for you, while it might be nicer to choose between the two.

You can update the previews of the materials manually whenever there is time or need for it.

I hope that will help.

As so often, I have asked Saul E. for his opinion about, just to provide the best possible answer.

My best wishes.