Thanks for the feedback, let-fall.

To see how much parts of the scene slow down the scene redraw, go to Attribute Manager> Mode> Viewsettings> HUD> FPS.
This will provide a little entry in your editor-view while the play head is moving.

Please let me know the frame range where it is not to your liking. That was not clear in your drawing, which I appreciated having, BTW. Thank you!

For blocking the camera, it is often better to have a "Stand In", like a cube or capsule, animated similarly.

Speeding up a camera with position and rotation in it means you might lose the target out of sight. You could have a Target (perhaps with an Up Vector) Null animated close to your character to prevent that. With that, your precise animation path (position only, switch off all rotation tracks of the camera) can so be easily adjusted with a Time Track.

Another point that needs to be considered is the change of field of view, which is often used by complex shoots; If the camera motion is sped up, that might go out of sync.

Which is a straight line from 0 to 100% to have nothing changed. But if you set it up like an S-Curve, the more vertical part speeds up the camera, and the Target keeps the Object. Again that will not work if Position and Rotation are sped up simultaneously.
(As a side note, that is also a theme in next month's ASC [American Society of Cinematographers] magazine, the article about John Dykstra. There, the motion/motor-based camera.)

All the best