Hi CaseyV,

Yes, that is the point. Hence why I gave you a procedure that eliminates all influences that prevent it otherwise.
I have made a feature Request to have this as an option. It should be possible to get from 24fps to 25fps to 30fps, etc., without any concerns about changes.

If the app would work on a simplified idea of Pyro, I could see that easily done.
But my personal impression is that the complexity is working against it.

For example, Gravity results in an acceleration expressed in m/s^2, which means it doesn't have a linear relationship to fps. So what is wanted is an artist call, slow it down, and violate the physics of time or following gravity laws? We can't have both. Not to discuss it here, but to leave this as an example that things are often not as simple as push of a button decision.

Cinema 4D should be easy to operate and art direct, at least to my understanding. So I will also prepare some suggestions toward this. After all Pyro is the first release.

So, since this is a Q&A forum, I have to ask you to either go to the support and communicate this as a problem or go to the "Share Your Idea" option and suggest what you need to have it working for your needs. I certainly will you support with that.
Both options are here:

More I can't do for you now in this case.

My best wishes for your current project