Hi NB,

The Spherical Camera is the way to go. Do you use Redshift for the standard Workflow? Equirectangular typically 2:1 ratio, I keep them in a multiple of 1024 pixels. For a dome, you might check if the lower half is needed (ratio 4:1 then) or what dimensions the dome has.

Any postproduction needs evaluation, as many options cannot avoid a seam, as they do not render over the left to the right side (I hope that makes sense.)

I assume you are familiar with the Ae VR tools.

To ask this question so general leaves me very little to say. What do you want or need to change with the equirectangular? In other words, you need to ask more specifically; I have used equirectangular regularly for my "stuff" for over two decades. I'm happy to help, but I need something more specific. What are your delivery requirements?