Thank you very much, Adam, for your feedback.

Congratulations on your success getting into the group of the three best. It is good to get some feedback in such a way from time to time.

Yes, ACES Central is sometimes a place where people go deep. But perhaps you remember the time when things moved from Gamma to Linear light. The endless discussions… Hehe.
ACES, as long as you stay in its most significant space (2065-1 or AP-0), has no problems and is relatively easy. The problems start with getting this into smaller spaces; even ACEScg suffers. Gamut and dynamic rage need to be compressed, and that is pretty much since years one of the main themes; How to do it properly. (There is lots of nonsense on the web about it, by the way., hence why I point to the source.)

There is an old saying, "If it looks right, it must be right', but today that couldn't be further from the reality while using screens that might just show sRGB or P3. There is now so much more going on, e.g., HDR. This will take a few years until it has rippled through.