Thanks for the reply, series-tune.

That two-step process before and two steps after, with the adjustment session in between, is the shortest when discussing reliability.
Please note that I haven't seen your rig, but I got no information that something other than Joints is working on the surface.
Look at what tags are added to the rig; PoseMorph, XPresso, and constraints might not work well with scaling.

There is always the option to scale the whole project…

Not a suggestion! -> Something quick and dirty, just "dump" everything under a null and scale the Null.
However, when something else is working on the rig, that might backfire, and the deadline is gone.
So, why do I mention it here? I see people share that as best practice from time to time. I stay away from it, far away!

Sorry for the specific cloud service request. I know it isn't enjoyable, but I must keep it safe here for everyone.

My best wishes for your project