Hi confidence-devil,

Thanks for opening a new thread. I have moved your first post to this. Let me know if it is OK to delete the double post. I feel uncomfortable doing so without your OK.

I do not have your project here, so I can set one up here and guess your parameters and resulting shapes. In return, I produce something that might not work at all.

If you have "Square" set in the Generator, the number of Segments will change the outcome dramatically.

Yes, the Polygon Reduction shows only results when the geometry breaks apart.

Try the Remesher; At 10%, I get 30% fewer polygons with questionable results—no idea what you have on your end. Share on Polygon hair; I don't need the full project.
From there, I can do more.

Perhaps, a Volume based solution will work, but again, it depends on the shape of the overall result you like to create for export.

Let me know; I'm happy to look into it.

Enjoy your weekend