You're very welcome, entry-newspaper,

I hope that everything moves flawlessly.

When I update from Adobe, I like not to have my settings inherited. Why? Because after a while, I have forgotten it. On the other side, I install many versions here constantly and setting up everything each time can get old, but in the end, for my doing, I have to stay close to the factory default anyway.

In other words, I understand your target and know I should be a one-line answer to it, but I'm careful, based on experience.

I have a little laptop here for all experiments, where it doesn't matter when I mess things up; that helps me a lot to explore.

Back when I was part of a 3D network, I stayed in standard mode all the time, as jumping in to support people close to a deadline wouldn't be possible if I had to change someone's set-up in their studio.

Have a great weekend.