Hi adploshko,

Please have a look here:
The second red framed text. I have attached an image.

Screen Shot 2023-05-05 at 7.46.52 PM.png
I quote here only. It is not my opinion, nor do I spoil here any secrets; it is since a while in the manual; Obviously, it is not read.

NPR is not a defined look. The term is based on excluding something that is also not defined. Or why do we, as Cinematographers, argue about Film vs. Digital?

I know it might be splitting hairs, but asking for NPR is so general that I can't provide an answer here. Redshift is, going public announcements for quite a while, creating a new NPR system. If it were just a few nodes tossed into a Node editor, it would be released by now, IMHO.

Here are two examples to get information from the Cinema 4D default Node system.


This is certainly NPR. 😉

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