Thanks, Greg,

Let me say this first, as I believe everyone needs to find the OS that fits their idea of producing content.
Not to start the old Win vs. Mac discussion from last century, of course.
After many years, I presume everyone got used to their OS, and I'm OK with that, just to prevent any endless arguments about it.

My personal take is:
I love to create and not think about the hardware and stuff; that's pretty much all. If there is a hiccup, it is muscle memory to fix it for me.
Well, and (bragging alert), I had the pleasure over many years to drive up to Cupertino and share some of my knowledge with the beautiful Graphic Senior Team there, which left me with even more loyalty than before. So I'm a lost cause if someone tries to convert me, 😉

I assume you enjoy it as I do, and I hope it stays that way.