Hi it-lift,
Thanks a lot; as Architectural Visualization has a wide range, this information helps to get a rough idea about your work. What I see on your page tends to be a completely new challenge each time. Not the standard walls, windows, floors, etc. So you certainly have to invent for each project a workflow even.

Besides classic modeling steps or sculpting:
I first suggest taking a plane and cutting it to your needs in any shape with a Knife or Spline-driven Knife; eventually, use Selection Capsules or manual selections to delete while adding with the Poly Pen.

As a result, you might end up with a horrible mesh. Then use the Remesh, eventually with a Spline a Poly flow guide, and adjust a few times until you get a clean mesh. After that use the Thicken Object to adjust to an single or variable (i.e., organic) thickness.

As you undoubtedly know, modeling is like chess playing; always many steps ahead to win.

If you have something to model, or looking for some ideas, please share a sketch, blueprint, or project file. I'm happy to look into it.

All the best