Hi nixliuxin,

Thanks for the file! Images need to have a height below 500 pixels. But project files are much more preferred. Images often tell just a fraction of the needed information.

Generators, as well as other functions in Cinema 4D, have certain Priorities. Those lead to specific processing of information. If objects have the same priority, the position in the Object manager is crucial.

The best option is to either bake the information or cache it. If information is cached, it is available at the beginning of the frame. If information is not processed when needed, the available information is used, which means from the previous frame. This can add up in a change reaction.

On the other hand, caching and baking means that most of the work is done, and data is provided much faster.

Then there is in some cases that the machine is too slow, but the setting All Frames is chosen, so it can't play in "real-time". All frames are the little Icons in the middle of the timeline, with the A in it.

The easiest way is to cache first what other parts need, then the next, and so on. Sometimes the cache stores the information, but it requires shutting off the initial influence, for example, the Skin Object, to avoid double influence.

Here is my suggestion

I hope that works for you.

All the best