Hi tie-version,

Yes, that is a good summary from the other threads.

I assume this Pepsi campaign clip was initiated by Goodby, Silverstein & Partner, the "Got Milk?" people. (A while ago, I took a course provided by the two founders; this was very exciting.) Perhaps you know more about it; if so, please share.

I screen-captured the clip and explored it. My first thought was, do they take only one animation and repeat it while setting the key colors differently? There are slight differences in each, so I worked on something easy to adjust to get similar splashes. Please explore the Posemorph Sliders. Pose.0 is for the main chance, and Pose.1 is for the little movements to keep things "fluid."

Please have a look here.

You will add your own materials, of course, so I didn't set one up.


I hope that helps to fill your library of splash animations.

Saving this as Alembic before the Spline Wrap, might open up more timing options.

Enjoy your project