Yes, I certainly remember, David 🙂

As our skills grow, the need to check for updates stays the same. In around two weeks, I reach seventeen years of answering in Cineversity and 19 years to Cinema 4D users. Yet, I refuse to answer questions from memory.
It just doesn't work that way; as everything changes, we must have an eye on new options. With that, each question is a request to combine anything old and new to stay in the present time.

Some answers from just a few years ago might work, but there is always a chance that something is easier or at least faster now. I'm certainly happy to explore each question newly, as the only trap we can have as creatives is to fall into a routine. New updates will prevent that. So I welcome any change. From gamma over log to linear-light to ACES, it is improving fast

Thanks for bringing that up.