Hi smckenzie,

Workflow, perhaps Workaround
Not a default option; I will go into detail later about it. This is a typical CAAD feature where the main modeling is static. The opposite would be a character and animation.
How to get this done anyway?
Ideally, textures are '2 to the power of X", as in 2048 pixels. If this square has a specific actual work size (not a pixel-to-cm or inch ratio!), just what a tile would measure, then do this:

Create a cube in the size of the tile. Place the texture on it while you stay in Attribute Manager> Material Tag> Tag> Projection: Cube mode. The Cube mode should fit the Object's size. Either use Object Manager> Tags> Fit To Object.
Yes, one could scale the cube and scale the texture if needed.

The cube that serves as measurement or reference can be set to invisible, which requires the child object to be set to visible.
Any child object below will now take this projection. This works, of course, only for any parallel surface in alignment with the cube. 45º walls need their own material.
Round or even spherical objects are more complex, whereby I have no simple solution for spherical objects and tiles.

Some notes, as mentioned above
There is no native option in Cinema 4D, to my knowledge, nor in Redshift 3D.
If there were one, then any Object scaling would leave the texture in the non-scaled size. That sounds like a nightmare.
Think of a bend deformer to have real-world sizes; how would that go? I doubt any application can offer that real-world measurement for organic surfaces as a nondistorted solution.

Archicad, for example, has that real-world texture mode and a connection to Cinema 4D (Same company: Nemetschek)

Why is it 1?
Textures typically work with UV. The UV space is normalized, hence the size one. So you place an image there with 1024 pixels wide. Set up your scene, then a change is needed, and the texture comes in 2048 pixels wide. With the normalization, that is not a problem; it will sit as before.

All the best