I understand now, MaverickMongoose,

I don't think so; the path would not be the same. I re-read the initial post, just in case I missed something.

Projects transferred need to be saved with Assets.

You did not mention that you like having it on multiple machines as copied data.
Data that is just copied will lead, at one point, to a disaster. Just wait for it. One sequence was color space converted on one machine, not labeled.
Now during a deadline, this was forgotten. The deadline might be missed: The client lost.

Central data storage is needed, and I can't support that here, as it is way out of the scope of this forum, but I know someone will tell me to use Dropbox.
Two things why I don't participate in such things.
Constant access open in the internet to your production machine is kind of a risk. Production machines in high-end facilities are more often than not disconnected from any web-based sources. Guess why.

At one point, they are easier to hack, and you get shut down with any internet hick-up.

This question is more for hard-core IT people who know all the details about connecting different machines and can establish security protocols.

Good Luck.