Hi omarpalos,

To work from images doesn't allow for good answers.

Going by what I see, it is a relatively high polygon count, which is not ideal for this task.

My initial question would be, if the points are not altered, how was it moved in this shape? Based on joints, then I would suggest employing the weight map and the joints to move it back. I assume you have thought about that, but I have no information about what you did.

Dragging the new mesh into a Pose Morph that is connected to the initial Object should work, kind of, as the points are "moved" in a straight line or around one single axis. If that works at all, I can't tell based on the images. I suggest placing and aligning the Pose Morph axis where the Toe joint was.

Without any project file, I can't tell more. (If you share it, please as DropBox, Adobe, Apple, Google, or Wetransfer Cloud services. I do not open shortened URLs or unknown services. Thank you.)

All the best