Thanks a lot, MaverickMongoose; very kind of you.

Sorry for the bragging, but I like to share the "source" of my knowledge.

If you would like some book suggestions, my favorite Color Science book is from Micheal S. Tooms, but the Mark D. Fairchild book has a huge value. It's not a "light" read, but after working through those, things look different. 😉 Pioneers Of Colorscience is a Who is who of this field.

Screen Shot 2023-12-16 at 9.12.29 PM.png

My suggestion is to read Tooms first. If something is unclear, check it in Fairchild's Book; if it needs to be deeper, The Pioneers of Color Science will hopefully close the gap.
Then read the second book, check the third to close new gaps, and go through the third one to finish. This will set a good base.

Sadly, these books are not free.