Yes, entry-newspaper, that sounds odd. 😉

When I started learning Cinema 4D 25+ years ago, I found, after a while, the Command Manager. Back then, it was filled with "just" around 1,000 items. I went through that list and read the manuals three times over the years.

When I start a hand on class, I start with; I don't know everything. To ease everyone's mind. It is accurate, and no one knows Cinema 4D 100%. Even this morning, I was reminded of a feature I missed mentioning to a colleague's question.

Why I'm talking about it? Take the 1,000 items, combine those with each other, and get a six to seven-digit number of possibilities. Combine three or more of them, and it explodes in possibilities.

It is impossible to cover the whole application while being aware of all combinations. I think I'm close, but wait for the next update and then ask me again 😉

Which also means, there is lots to explore that no one has every combined.

Enjoy the exploration