Hi fordmar,

A single Cloner with keyframes, e.g., with the Step Effector, is possible. But with a single Clone, the Group plus a six side UV is tricky.

The only stable way (AFAIK) to store the Group UV in a UV Tag (instead of frozen in a Cloner) is to have all the clones as single child objects under the Cloner for one side. (All of that is based on the fact that the images are added to the setup and not prepared per cube as a fold, which might be a lot of work.

The example above has merged those and creates an easy way to produce UV, while the Fracture Object splits Polygon groups. Those can then be animated. It is the most stable way for all parts I'm aware of. Yes, no single object is a clone with a single animation.
All of that being said, for cubes on each side, there is a different Puzzle-like segment of a larger image on them.