You're very welcome, smckenzie.

Please keep asking questions, as I believe that a problem comes back until it is solved. So, I try not to avoid anything here, and please never take my "moderation" (AKA keeping things organized) personally. New theme, new thread. Same question, old thread. Yes, yours was slightly different the second time; hard to find the right balance.

So far, I have answered Cinema 4D questions over 35,000 times in a Forum. The times I had to say there is no option (AFAIK) are very low. You can check even the past twelve years at

I'm sure that I do not know all, as I might find tomorrow a solution for something I was not aware of today. However, each question leads me to explore, and I'm under the impression that there is no failure, only gained experience. I assume I have some experience. 😉
So, I am happy to get your and other questions; they lead me to things I wouldn't have explored otherwise. I also try to understand the overall tendency and put this in discussions during our meetings into the mix. I try to be a voice for our members here, but please use the "Share Your Idea option; otherwise, I sound like someone who generalizes things without factual background. Thank you.
With that being said, I tried today several other options. But even if you use the path of the Sweep and cut that, the resulting shape with have straight edges in x, y, or z, per clone, staircase-like, not tilted as the spline asks for...

Here is a little example with a cube shape. I have left the problem in it. Move some points, and it is gone. A typical problem but easy to fix, even with nearly invisible changes.$web/Cineversity_Forum_Support/2023_PROJECTS_DRS/